Society for Animal Health Agriculture Science and Humanity

Success Stories

Success Story 1

Rekha was on the verge of dropping out of school due to poor grades and lack of parental support when she was noticed by SAHASH volunteer Sanjana:

Rekha was good in Hindi. She could read English books but she didn't understand what the stories meant. She faced difficulty in calculations of arithmetic’s. She could not practice at home because there was no time. Her mother works so as the eldest child, she had to perform household chores. Her parents were illiterate and therefore didn't understand how important education is, especially for a girl, to empower her to live a decent life.

Having seen thousands of lives ruined this way, Sanjana social workers knew if Rekha did not complete her education, she would never be able to extricate herself from the life of poverty she was born into. And as a girl, if she did not stand on her own feet, she was at higher risk than a boy of being exploited and maltreated.Hence, Sanjana social workers immediately enrolled Rekha in the local OHM Institute (Remedial Education Centre). It was her last chance.

Success Story 2

Mahima was drop out of school due to lack of will to teach daughter for studies and parental support, when she was noticed by Director SAHASH:

Mahima want to study but the parents are not agreed. Director meets to her parent and asked them to admit her in regular school but they again not agreed to send her to school. After some time director able to convinced him to admit her in open school and director provided her free tuition. When result came she received a 57% in high school. Then again SAHASH encourage her for tailoring and other courses for self-dependent. She join and now she is earning more to run her home swiftly.