Society for Animal Health Agriculture Science and Humanity


SAHASH has supported many sports projects, in and around Amethi on Non-Profit basis. Hundreds of Thousands of children, especially from less privileged and impoverished background, have taken advantage of these sports facilities.

  • SAHASH provides comprehensive training to children (aged between 6 and 16 years). This includes theory and practical sessions, headed towards all-round personality development.

  • Trainees are formed into three groups based on age and experience. Qualified professional coaches train the students.

  • SAHASH provides coaching, which covers all aspects of training. On regular days, the first session (spanning 30 minutes) focuses on jogging ,Yoga and fitness exercises. This is followed by Skill Development Practice. On Sundays, there is a 4-hour session starting with jogging, fitness exercises, practice session and Quiz programs on Sports celebrities. This is followed by Match Practice, where coaches turn into umpires/ referees, with an intention of keeping a close eye on talent, skill and development of all trainees.

  • SAHASH provides information and extensively trains its students about Naturopathy, to deals with the medical problems of the sportspersons. SAHASH has done unparalleled work in this area.

  • Most importantly, SAHASH directs most of its efforts towards developing human values (EHV – Education in Human Values) among children. It ensures that children grace values like truth, love, peace, righteous action, courage and non-violence into their character.

SAHASH recently launches a campaign to support and help Jackie Jacks, youth mountaineer for arranging funds for him to complete his Mt. Everest Mission.