READ (Rural Education on Agricultural Development)

Objective - To educate farmers about new hybrid crop varieties as well as how to cultivate these crops.

Coverage area - Amethi, U.P & Kurushetra, Haryana.

Target - To run in at least 19 rural districts.


Objective -To educate children of ages 2 - 5 years through toys, models, charts and also develop their intellect and understanding about family and society and to motivate them to come for education in our centers.

HAPPY(Health Awareness Promotion Programme for Youth)

Objective - To provide awareness of communicable diseases such as Leprosy, AIDS, HIV, Cancer, Polio, Blindness, Dengue, Chicken Gonia etc. amongst people.

Activities -We organize awareness campaigns against communicable diseases and provide the information of sources and symptoms of disease, how to prevent them naturally if possible. We also help the people who are suffering from these diseases. SAHASH provides free Medical Counseling Centers and promotes the utilization of natural cures, natural therapy and Yoga for drug addiction.